Learn the Basics 

Master the Mechanics 

Play Pressure Free

6 - 14 Years Old

Weekly Practice

Weekend Games

Recreational Play

Experienced Play

Our goal is to create a Basketball friendly atmosphere for players to learn the game in an environment with no club politics, no rainouts, and at the ease of their learning ability. Our focus is ball manipulation techniques and mastery using individual sessions, unopposed and opposed practices, to create an environment where players can develop without the strains of expectation and pressure. As well as hefty fees!​

The program is open to all playing experiences, and has several 'Phases' where players progress when comfortable, with a Long Term Player Develop (LTPD) initiative in place. Game play encourages expressing yourself and learning team core values. A one time charge Is required for the team reversible jersey.

7 Week Seasons

Weekly technical training and Saturday afternoon games.


 Thats 14 interactions!

Licensed Coaches

Coaches are US Basketball and Nike certified Coaches

Player Comes First

Sessions involve different phases designed to enhance the learning experience. Play and learn at your comfort level!

No Cancelled Games

All Games are indoors on the court and pro hoops. No cancelled games for rainouts!


U7 COED Program

5 Years - 7 Years Old

WINTER I 2020 |  Dec 3 - Jan 30

Thursday Practices @ 5:00 PM 

Saturday Games


U9 COED Program

7 Years - 9 Years Old

WINTER I 2020 |  Dec 2 - Jan 30

Wednesday Practices @ 5:00 PM 

Saturday Games


U12 COED Program

10 Years - 12 Years Old

WINTER I 2020 |  Dec 3 - Jan 30

Thursday Practices @ 6:00 PM 

Saturday Games


14 and Under COED Program

12 Years - 14 Years Old

WINTER I 2020 |  Dec 3 - Jan 30

Thursday Practices @ 6:00 PM 

Saturday Games